What's in


In-style now

It can be hard to know what's in, what's out and what the next best hairstyle is going to be. Here are some of the trending styles that the world is in love with.

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Rich Blonde 

Rich blonde can be described as a more neutral colour instead  of the extreme of being too warm(gold undertone) or too cool (violet undertone). Rich blonde has a lot of light reflect which makes the hair look bright and healthy.

Shadow Root

A shadow root is a technique that has many difference benefits. One being that it can help "tone down" an over blonded look to help soften. Another is to create dimension at the root, creating more dimension can make the blonde look blonder. It can also help blend in the the natural root to aid in growing the blonde out. Shadow roots can be customized depending on the root colour and how much contrast is wanted.




Copper is a beautiful colour that borders between the blonde and red family. It can either be brighter to make a copper red pop, or also mixed with a brown to add a subtle warm tone. Copper is also known to pop either blue or green eyes, and can also enhance and richen a skin tone. 


Tone on Tone Colour

Tone on tone is referring to when there is more than one ribboning of colour going through the hair, but the contrast is very  small (Ex- brown with a lighter browning). This colour technique is great for someone looking for a natural look, but also wanting to add dimension into their hair. It can be created with many different colours and tones depending on if a warm or cool tone is desired.


Wine Reds

Wine Red is a very beautiful cool toned red with a purple hue. Cool toned reds have different amounts of vibrancy one being it  a more purple or burgandy colour effect but can also be added to a brown for just a slight richening effect. Because of the cool toned effect that colour can look more deep and intense but has a beautiful undertone under natural light.